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  • This Life (24 Sep 2015 05:05)
    • Playerbase: Smallish (20s)
    • Theme: Real Life/High School "Life As We Know It" is a game based on the 'real life' struggles of everyday people in an everyday world.

Based in the fictional city of Lantern Hill, a small tourist city in southern California, city locals go through the motions but just like every good TV drama or world of literature, no one is quite what they seem. Some are rich, some poor. Some are real and some fake. Local politicians and their families struggle to keep their skeleton in the closets while the local sheriff struggles against the cities building drug problem. The single parent works hard to put a roof over their ungrateful teen's head while somewhere behind the local diner an affair is in full swing.

Really, in a place like this anything can happen.

Will you play a student from 'North Shore High' or will you walk the rival halls of 'Mayfield Academy'? Maybe you play a student from the tiny school of Coast Union High, located in neighboring Paradise Cove? Whoever you play, life is bound to be filled with ins and outs, ups and downs, drama, heartbreak and maybe even a little laughter.

Maybe you've put behind the childish things of high school and moved on to the halls of Monterey Bay University or perhaps you've long left behind your youthful years and have opened a business in the area? The possibilities are endless!

Once again, the world finds itself at war.

Nazi Germany, along with Italy and Japan have formed the Axis powers against the Allies, and the United States has been drawn in by the vicious recent attack on Pearl Harbor. As 1941 draws to a close, another, more hidden threat has emerged.
In the quiet of the mountains of Appalachia, a quaint town has become the center of clandestine attention from the supernatural world. A hole has been found, and things seem to be emerging that lack explanation. Even as the Men of Letters focus their studies on this anomaly, the hole has garnered the attention of nefarious monsters seeking power.

Will you join the Men of Letters in the investigation of this strange little town? Will you be a hunter, working to contain this unusual epicenter of supernatural occurrence? Are you one of the special creatures drawn to the power or are you a simple townsfolk, caught in the center of this secret war?

  • Second Pass MUSH (31 Aug 2015 16:15)
    • Playerbase: Small but welcoming!
    • Theme: Dragonriders of Pern

Second Pass MUSH takes place two centuries after the devastating effects of the First Pass on the Pern colony. (The timeline diverges from the books in the last third of Dragonsdawn.) Our timeline started shortly before the start of the Second Pass, and Thread is now falling. Despite facing the inevitable return of Thread and intermittant geological instability, the colonists have thrived in the Southern Continent – growing to a population of a little over 20,000 humans protected by four Weyrs of dragons. At the start of the Second Pass, however, Pern is going through growing pains.

Ownership of land is increasingly the way to power on Pern, and class divides are growing quickly while civil rights for women and minorities are eroding. Uncertainty is the prevailing mood, especially as the Weyrs voice concern over the number of dragons available to fight Thread. The technology that enabled the settlement of the planet is rapidly fading – all prognoses suggest that the people born on Pern after this generation will be less literate, with shorter lifespans. Rural Pern is quickly becoming very different from the Pern of the major Stakeholds and the capitol of Pern, Xanadu Town, where Second Pass MUSH is set.

The planet was intended to be colonized as an independent utopian retreat of citizen farmers. As this dream slips further and further out of the people’s grasp, what will become of the planet Pern?

  • Lights Out (29 Aug 2015 22:28)
    • Playerbase: Small/Intimate
    • Theme: New World of Darkness (2E)

We are a text-based, highly-immersive roleplaying game based upon the (new) World of Darkness, set in modern nights in Salem and Boston, Massachusetts. We are in the process of updating our rules to second edition, implementing Blood and Smoke with the other new systems as they are slowly but surely released.

Lights Out is a small community with a big focus on deep, involving stories shared among characters. Come give us a try!

  • Hallowed Halls (29 Aug 2015 06:05)
    • Playerbase: N/A
    • Theme: Harry Potter | Magic

Set in the world of Harry Potter created by J.K. Rowling, Hallowed Halls picks up 15 years after the fall of Lord Voldemort. Despite the wars in the past a new light has settled over much of the wizarding community. Half-bloods and Muggle-borns are finding themselves not only with new role models to set their eyes too, but with a new found respect and sense of equality. Many of the once purist families have given up their close-minded ways. Some, but not all. Some wizards resent the new mindset and as their world becomes more and more diluted by muggle blood. Is the world truly ready for a new way of life, or will old beliefs and prejudices return ten fold and bring with them a new threat?

Additional Details

We take characters from 11 years of age and up. We have an extensive grid and a well balanced system put into place to make including you states both easy to understand and quick for the sake of RP.

  • Half-Blood Chronicles (18 Oct 2015 23:57)
    • Playerbase: Small
    • Theme: Percy Jackson & The Olympians It would seem that the mythological world is, for the moment, at peace. It’s been five years since the battle between the Olympians and the Titans left New York in wreckage and the camp of Half-Blood reeling in the face of grief and victory. The Gods have moved while the camp picks up its pieces and returns to its duties as once more demigod from all over the United States are swept back into camp and their new lives.

The Satyrs lead their fellow nature spirits in preserving the wild while preserving Pan's dying wishes, and of course in seeking out new half-bloods.

Despite the peace and assumed normalcy that has fallen over the lands the next Great Prophecy looms in the distance. The camp staff and campers try hard to look with excitement toward the future, though in their hearts nervousness breeds. What does the prophecy mean, and why does the weight of it feel as though the past prophecy may have been nothing more than an introduction to the mysteries to come?

  • Eventide MUSH (28 Aug 2015 17:16)
    • Playerbase: 10-25 Players
    • Theme: Teen Wolf | Supernatural

Crescent Falls plunges players into a world where ordinary people mix with the supernatural…unknowingly of course. In a town where old time charm and the innate feeling of safety runs strong, Crescent Falls is immersed in rumors of scandal, unseen conspiracies, and bloodlust. Will you play a normal human unknowingly drawn into the web of the supernatural, or will you play one of the supernatural drawn to Crescent Falls by the unseen but almost palpable supernatural energy of the town? Whoever or whatever you are, the paths of everyone in the small town will eventually cross, and within their wake they will leave much more than waves.

  • Dark Things (05 Nov 2015 23:26)
    • Playerbase: Small but growing
    • Theme: Vampire Diaries/Supernatural Series

Haven Point is a thriving city located in the heart of the beautiful Kittitas National Forest. Although its crime rate remains high — one of the highest in the nation, in fact — hundreds of people migrate there every day, hoping to find a new life for themselves and their families. Despite its problems, it’s home to commerce, culture, entertainment, and all the best modern America has to offer.

Other than the everyday crime and corruption that plagues most United States cities, several less common issues confront the city as it moves forward into the future. Foremost of these is the changing nature of the nightlife and underground of Haven Point, a location that has been a beacon to the supernatural since its founding. The witches have always been in power of the city, but as the magical community continues to weaken conflict between the supernatural communities is becoming a major factor in the political shadow play of Haven. Where the world of the supernatural has managed to coexist silently alongside the mortal world, a sudden spike in unexplained deaths, missing persons and super on super violence is threatening the very fabric of their existence.

We are a game based on story building and a drama-free environment and looking for players to help us build our world and bring to it their own brand of excitement.

We offer:

  • A fully coded CG.
  • Five races: human, psychic, witch, vampire or werewolf
  • Several open slots for political leaders in the supernatural community
  • A friendly, welcoming and active staff
  • A voting system to allow players a say in all major theme shifts
  • A PrP friendly theme
  • The same rules for everyone, players and staff alike
  • We will try our best to make your concept work!

  • Dark Spires Mush (01 Sep 2015 09:04)
    • Playerbase: 10-20
    • Theme: Dresden Files RPG

Welcome to Dark Spires MUSH, where the search for truth takes you into the world of vampires, through the lairs of shapeshifting creatures, past magicians, on to psychics and all manner of mortals simply seeking to live their lives. It is where two worlds come together and overlap; the obvious world in which Man works, loves, and walks, and the Supernatural world, where unimaginable creatures are free to play their tricks. This is where mystery, violence, espionage and political intrigue coexist beneath a thin veneer of believable lies.

There is no such thing as sitting on the fence of life.

Our story is set in Oxford, England, where the great universities, ancient churches and cunning city council form a never-ending maelstrom. It is not for the careless nor the faint of heart. A place where your lover might be a spy, your best friend might be a demon and your employer might be literally sucking the life out of you.

Our goal is to foster an environment with enough conflict to be exciting, where puzzles are always to be found and most of all, the story is the key..

.. but is it the truth?

  • Coyote Trail (24 Sep 2015 05:35)
    • Playerbase: Small
    • Theme: Western / Real World

The Wild West. An era of exploration, discovery, corruption and brutal justice. The western frontier is littered with small mining towns, dusty wagon trails and family homesteads. Prospectors, explorers and businessmen all head west to find new opportunities to make money, the driving force behind just about everything that happens in the West. At the same time, outlaws head west to escape local authorities and gain a little more breathing room, while countless other greenhorns seek the action and adventure they hear so often described to them in western tails. And to make even more diverse, the native population struggles to survive in a land taken from them.

  • Comux (06 Oct 2015 23:24)
    • Playerbase: 50+ players
    • Theme: Superhero - mixed genre

CoMUX is a superhero-based RPG with a focus on providing a wide variety of RP within a relatively cohesive and persistent world. That means the stuff our characters do not only affects the world, it helps to define what sort of future that world will have. Players are invited to create characters, taking on the various roles of heroes and villains, not to mention all the guys in between… even the poor Regular Joes caught in the middle of it all.

This is, and always will be, a NON-CANON game and Original Characters are more than welcome!

Stories will range from large, game-changing inter-faction politics and corporate boardroom deals to small, character-driven interpersonal relationships and back-alley encounters. There are overarcing metaplots, that will help direct the world's development.

  • Brave New World (06 Sep 2015 02:14)
    • Playerbase: 40+ All amazing people
    • Theme: Superhero (DC Comics)

Brave New World is a superhero themed game presently in the year 2017 in a non-canon version of the DC Universe which also incorporates other elements such as The Watchmen & Wildstorm while drawing inspiration from TV Shows such as The Flash & Arrow.

The game itself is set in an entirely different Earth from canon events of the comics and most heroes and villains are just starting out in their careers or have been active throughout the 'Modern Age' (Past Decade) in some capacity or the other. We follow the classical Greek concept of ages and we are now entering the 'Iron Age' or period of decline that follows the other ages.

The goal of Brave New World is to provide a flexible environment for players where they are able to participate in and tell the stories they wish to; while helping shape the world itself through their actions.

We offer a variety of coded systems to aid in role-play and have a very helpful group of staff just waiting to help you through the application process and get you on the grid with your chosen character. Never fear, if the character you want is unavailable, we'll do everything we can to help you find another.

Our website is located @ http://bravenewworldmush.com/mw

You can connect @ BraveNewWorldMush.com 9999

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