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We not only want to create a place for games to advertise, but we love the idea of bringing the gaming community together. To give people a place to list their likes, dislikes and the games they love, we are allowing Member Profiles to be added as well! This isn't mandatory to be a member of the group, but it could be fun to see all the other gamers out there and may even help to put players in contact one another!

Admin ask that players please keep the following in mind:

  1. This site is PG-13. No nudity or heavily adult content is permitted here. Also, please keep profanity to a minimum.
  2. This is not a shaming site! Do not use this site as a platform to slander other players, games or staff.
  3. We are not responsible for ANY information you share on this site. If you choose to list your Facebook, that's your business. We are not responsible for anything that happens due to your choices.
  4. As always the admin are here to help, so if you run into problems, have questions or concerns please contact us!

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