This Life
Last Updated 24 Sep 2015 14:04
Open Since Periodically since February 2010
Codebase TinyMush
Port 2015
Head Staff Summers
RP Level Intermediate to Advanced
Playerbase Smallish (20s)
Theme Real Life/High School
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"Life As We Know It" is a game based on the 'real life' struggles of everyday people in an everyday world.

Based in the fictional city of Lantern Hill, a small tourist city in southern California, city locals go through the motions but just like every good TV drama or world of literature, no one is quite what they seem. Some are rich, some poor. Some are real and some fake. Local politicians and their families struggle to keep their skeleton in the closets while the local sheriff struggles against the cities building drug problem. The single parent works hard to put a roof over their ungrateful teen's head while somewhere behind the local diner an affair is in full swing.

Really, in a place like this anything can happen.

Will you play a student from 'North Shore High' or will you walk the rival halls of 'Mayfield Academy'? Maybe you play a student from the tiny school of Coast Union High, located in neighboring Paradise Cove? Whoever you play, life is bound to be filled with ins and outs, ups and downs, drama, heartbreak and maybe even a little laughter.

Maybe you've put behind the childish things of high school and moved on to the halls of Monterey Bay University or perhaps you've long left behind your youthful years and have opened a business in the area? The possibilities are endless!

Additional Announcements

We are a game focused on storytelling and character development. No, there are no super powers or paranormal creatures here, but what we do have is a focus on social and inter-character development in a welcoming and friendly environment.

We Offer:

  • A friendly and eager staff of four
  • We accept grades 9-12 as well as adults
  • A completely stat-free application (Seriously, it's FAST)
  • A large grid with lots of fun locations!
  • A game focused on story and character development
  • A Zero-Tolerance policy for harassment or OOC Drama

We have recently rebooted and began the 2014-2015 school year! We're ready to welcome you!

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