Sheltering Sky: Colorado By Night
Last Updated 30 Mar 2017 19:19
Open Since 2014
Codebase Penn
Port 2601
Head Staff Heron
RP Level Over 18 years old
Playerbase 25-35 unique logins
Theme World of Darkness, revised (oWoD)
Game Rating

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When the lights go out, darkness reigns…

Sheltering Sky: Colorado by Night is a World of Darkness Revised game based on the White Wolf RPG series. Both staff run plots and player run plots are used to keep the world moving at a fun steady pace. As our wiki page states:

"We believe in supporting both sides of the coin, the dark and the darker. Now, this does not mean that Pokoh's Peak is without light, nor does it mean that RP is all about 'I have more angst than you'. Instead, it means that we urge people to understand that in the long run, the stars will go out and the world will be plunged into darkness. How you spend your last moments in the light is what the game is all about."

Setting: Pokoh's Peak, 30-35 miles west of Denver, population of 85-100k.
Spheres: Vampire, Mage, Shifter, Changeling, Sorcerer/Psychic.
Experience System: +votes and +reccs for RP from players and staff.

Current or Recent Plotlines

  • Vampire - Sabbat are on the move and Pokoh's Peak Camarilla Court is on their radar!
  • Mage - While learning in a specialized school, quests abound for Traditions!
  • Changeling - Kithians and their allies prepare to defend against a neighboring Court!
  • Shifter - Garou and Fera work to defeat an evil mega-corporation!

Additional Announcements

We look forward to torturing, um, running stories for your character! ;)

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