Second Pass MUSH
Last Updated 31 Aug 2015 22:25
Open Since 2010
Codebase TinyMUSH 3.2
Port 1234
Head Staff Schmitt, March, Cari
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Playerbase Small but welcoming!
Theme Dragonriders of Pern
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Second Pass MUSH takes place two centuries after the devastating effects of the First Pass on the Pern colony. (The timeline diverges from the books in the last third of Dragonsdawn.) Our timeline started shortly before the start of the Second Pass, and Thread is now falling. Despite facing the inevitable return of Thread and intermittant geological instability, the colonists have thrived in the Southern Continent – growing to a population of a little over 20,000 humans protected by four Weyrs of dragons. At the start of the Second Pass, however, Pern is going through growing pains.

Ownership of land is increasingly the way to power on Pern, and class divides are growing quickly while civil rights for women and minorities are eroding. Uncertainty is the prevailing mood, especially as the Weyrs voice concern over the number of dragons available to fight Thread. The technology that enabled the settlement of the planet is rapidly fading – all prognoses suggest that the people born on Pern after this generation will be less literate, with shorter lifespans. Rural Pern is quickly becoming very different from the Pern of the major Stakeholds and the capitol of Pern, Xanadu Town, where Second Pass MUSH is set.

The planet was intended to be colonized as an independent utopian retreat of citizen farmers. As this dream slips further and further out of the people’s grasp, what will become of the planet Pern?

Additional Announcements

Second Pass is Searching candidates for a PC Hatching scheduled for mid to late September. Second Pass's Search and Weyrlinghood process is easy-peasy (ain't nobody got time for that!), and you can read more about it at We also have ongoing plots involving the research and marketing of fellis, the aforementioned food shortages and a mysterious serials writer whose works are becoming the talk of Xanadu Town.

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