Lights Out
Last Updated 03 Sep 2015 21:51
Open Since May 2015
Codebase PennMUSH
Port 9999
Email moc.liamg|relletyrotsnbon#moc.liamg|relletyrotsnbon
Head Staff Lark
RP Level RP Enforced
Playerbase Small/Intimate
Theme New World of Darkness (2E)
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We are a text-based, highly-immersive roleplaying game based upon the (new) World of Darkness, set in modern nights in Salem and Boston, Massachusetts. We are in the process of updating our rules to second edition, implementing Blood and Smoke with the other new systems as they are slowly but surely released.

Lights Out is a small community with a big focus on deep, involving stories shared among characters. Come give us a try!

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