Let Freedom Ring
Last Updated 20 Jul 2016 15:20
Open Since 2016
Codebase TinyMUX
Website http://letfreedomring.wikidot.com/
Address portent.genesismuds.com
Port 8020
Email moc.liamg|24yhprume#moc.liamg|24yhprume
Head Staff Gallifrey
RP Level Open
Playerbase Moderate
Theme Old/Classic World of Darkness
Game Rating

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Let Freedom Ring is a 20th Anniversary Old/Classic World of Darkness game set in modern day Philadelphia, PA.

State of the game (as of July 2016):

  • Fully operational, 40+ approved PCs, roleplay available daily
  • Bonus XP for building new public-use areas, including for supernatural factions
  • Current races:
    • Mortal (retirement allows transfer of lifetime XP to another PC)
    • Vampire, Ghoul, Hunter (hedge magic and psychic phenomena)
    • Shifter (Garou and Fera), Kinfolk, Possessed (fomori and kami)
    • Mage (Traditions, Technocracy, Disparates, Marauders, Nephandi)
  • Changeling and Wraith will be added once published, Demon is also on the radar

Additional Announcements

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