Half-Blood Chronicles
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Open Since 10/17/2015
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Website http://halfbloodchronicles.wikidot.com
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Head Staff Hera
RP Level Open To All
Playerbase Small
Theme Percy Jackson & The Olympians
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It would seem that the mythological world is, for the moment, at peace. It’s been five years since the battle between the Olympians and the Titans left New York in wreckage and the camp of Half-Blood reeling in the face of grief and victory. The Gods have moved while the camp picks up its pieces and returns to its duties as once more demigod from all over the United States are swept back into camp and their new lives.

The Satyrs lead their fellow nature spirits in preserving the wild while preserving Pan's dying wishes, and of course in seeking out new half-bloods.

Despite the peace and assumed normalcy that has fallen over the lands the next Great Prophecy looms in the distance. The camp staff and campers try hard to look with excitement toward the future, though in their hearts nervousness breeds. What does the prophecy mean, and why does the weight of it feel as though the past prophecy may have been nothing more than an introduction to the mysteries to come?

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