Eventide MUSH
Last Updated 29 Aug 2015 20:26
Open Since 8/12/15
Codebase TinyMUSH
Website http://eventiderpg.wikidot.com
Port 4902
Email moc.liamg|editnevefoffats#moc.liamg|editnevefoffats
Head Staff Hestia
RP Level Open
Playerbase 10-25 Players
Theme Teen Wolf | Supernatural
Game Rating

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Crescent Falls plunges players into a world where ordinary people mix with the supernatural…unknowingly of course. In a town where old time charm and the innate feeling of safety runs strong, Crescent Falls is immersed in rumors of scandal, unseen conspiracies, and bloodlust. Will you play a normal human unknowingly drawn into the web of the supernatural, or will you play one of the supernatural drawn to Crescent Falls by the unseen but almost palpable supernatural energy of the town? Whoever or whatever you are, the paths of everyone in the small town will eventually cross, and within their wake they will leave much more than waves.

Additional Announcements

We're a brand new game and we're excited to begin this new adventure with our players. Our goal is to offer a drama free, laid back community focused on weaving stories packed character development. We take an 'old school' approach to things, preferring to keep things simple and focus on the RP. Our application is simple and though we focus primarily on humans and werewolves, there's an option for adventurous and creative folks to bring their own mythlore into the mix.

If this sounds like what you're looking for, drop by and say hello. Remember, we're mere babes in the woods compared to other games, but we're ready to meet you!

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