Dark Things
Last Updated 05 Nov 2015 23:46
Open Since 2014
Codebase TinyMUSH
Website http://www.darkthings.net
Port 4919
Email moc.liamg|elcricterces#moc.liamg|elcricterces
Head Staff Occult
RP Level open To All
Playerbase Small but growing
Theme Vampire Diaries/Supernatural Series
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Haven Point is a thriving city located in the heart of the beautiful Kittitas National Forest. Although its crime rate remains high — one of the highest in the nation, in fact — hundreds of people migrate there every day, hoping to find a new life for themselves and their families. Despite its problems, it’s home to commerce, culture, entertainment, and all the best modern America has to offer.

Other than the everyday crime and corruption that plagues most United States cities, several less common issues confront the city as it moves forward into the future. Foremost of these is the changing nature of the nightlife and underground of Haven Point, a location that has been a beacon to the supernatural since its founding. The witches have always been in power of the city, but as the magical community continues to weaken conflict between the supernatural communities is becoming a major factor in the political shadow play of Haven. Where the world of the supernatural has managed to coexist silently alongside the mortal world, a sudden spike in unexplained deaths, missing persons and super on super violence is threatening the very fabric of their existence.

We are a game based on story building and a drama-free environment and looking for players to help us build our world and bring to it their own brand of excitement.

We offer:

  • A fully coded CG.
  • Five races: human, psychic, witch, vampire or werewolf
  • Several open slots for political leaders in the supernatural community
  • A friendly, welcoming and active staff
  • A voting system to allow players a say in all major theme shifts
  • A PrP friendly theme
  • The same rules for everyone, players and staff alike
  • We will try our best to make your concept work!

Additional Announcements

We are currently looking to fill ALL races, as well as for business owners and political players.

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