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This Life (also known as Lantern Hill) is currently looking for players interested in playing the rich, flashy and beautiful students of the cities elite Mayfield Academy.

Prized for it's exclusive reputation, Mayfield is known to provide an education to the spawn some of California's best and most influential. Maybe you're the all American Dream teen, friends with all and happy to help. Maybe you're straight off the set of Mean Girls. Maybe you're a star athlete squeaking by till his full ride to your school of choice is offered, or maybe you're that nerdy guy who will return ten years from now rich and powerful..and the they'll all be sorry!

Whatever you want to play, were happy to try and make it happen! Just swing by and say hi.

Of course if rich isn't your idea of fun theres tons of other concepts just waiting for you to fill them!

Teenagers Wanted by overkilloliviaoverkillolivia, 24 Sep 2015 05:24

Greetings! You can call me Volund. I'm a softcoder with many years of experience. This post is the opposite of 'help wanted' but I figure it's the best place to put this for admin needing help to see it.

For all games running PennMUSH or RhostMUSH codebases, you'll be happy to know that setting up a new game with a large set of features for administration, communication, and player convenience - including automatic logging of scenes - is now easier than ever before.

Version 1 has been in use on many games for over a year. This includes Multiverse Crisis MUSH, Lights Out (an nWoD game), Mass Effect: Legends, Brave New World (DC Comics), Exalted MUSH, Eternal Crusade, Mahou MUSH, and several others. The package is built to easily and quickly create games in the same style as Megaman MUSH, Super Robot Taisen MUSH, Final Fantasy MUSH, Final Kingdom MUSH, and Battle Fantasia MUSH.

As I write this message I am in the final stages of readying Version 2 of the Codesuite. 2.0 Beta should be ready within the next week.

For more details, please see my Github at:

The Readme is found in the Version1 folder. I'm still working on Version 2.

Volund's MushCode Suite by VolundMushVolundMush, 30 Aug 2015 17:29
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