Game Registration

Our site wants to get the word out about our mission, to bring an updated list of games to the net as well as provide a safe environment for games (new and old) to advertise. One of the best ways to do this is to put our button out there for people to see. Games that wish to have their ads show up on the main page can 'affiliate' with our site. Every month we will randomly select a game to feature on the front page. It's not much, but a little face time never hurt anyone, plus by affiliating you are helping spread the word about the database, which we hope will give games a boost in traffic!

If you would like to become an affiliate simply upload your games 'button' (which should be named 'banner.jpg') to the game's application when you are done filling it out. To do this simply scroll to the bottom of the page and do the following:

Click 'Files' -> 'Upload a file from your computer' -> Select Files -> Upload it

Buttons should be 300px by 200px and include your games name. There is no need to include the address as it will be linked directly to your game's listing.

Click HERE to see Affiliated Games.

Once you have Affiliated, please place our button on your site in a visible location, such as at the bottom corner. Out button is found below.
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